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A large nuclear power plant has recently exploded next to a nearby zoo. Although no one seems to be hurt thereís a commotion at the zoo.

What happens when you combine powerful, toxic gamma rays with normal everyday animals?

Welcome to the mutated world of Gamminal. You take the role of Zephyr McGavin, an experienced zoologist who has a deep understanding of animal behavior and an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Heís sent to investigate the effects of the explosion at the zoo. However, soon after he arrives and sees the damage, he realizes that he will have to fight for his life to escape. Armed with limited supplies and weapons he must escape from the zoo and seek refuge elsewhere.

Gamminal is an exciting new first-person shooter set in modern times in the southern-most depths of California. Itís a game where youíre not only shooting animals, but mutated hybrid animals. Youíll be immersed in a comprehensive world filled with beautiful 3D graphics and stunning visual effects.

The gameplay will consist of exploring environments and completing missions. In order to assist the player there will be various weapons provided to help defend against and to take out mutant animals. Each weapon will have different characteristics, having both advantages and disadvantages for different situations. Weapons will range from being close range (melee) to being usable at extremely far ranges. The player must decide on which weapon to use in different scenarios. Also, ammo throughout the game will be limited so the player must conserve their supplies unless they want to end up having to use their melee weapon all the time.

The mutated hybrid creatures in the game have a thirst for blood and will hunt you down if you cross their path. Each creature will have their own specific behaviors and characteristic so you will have to be on your toes so you donít get caught off guard by an unexpected attack. Some enemies or fast, some small, some fast, so slow. Gamminal will keep you guessing.

The game will be written using the C++ programming language and will take advantage of a free 3D graphics rendering called OGRE to produce and handle all graphical features.

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